Ellie and Mac Floral Dreams Tank / A word on Pattern Testing

Oh so breezy! Oh so fun! Oh so QUICK to sew! I feel so pretty and cool in this tank. I’ve already worn it multiple times. And so I think… maybe I should make more? Probably! We’re talking about the Floral Dreams Tank here! Let’s get into it.

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Floral Dreams Tank

I just recently sewed up 5 Ogden camis! And this top isn’t that far off from the cami train! I debated on making another cami but it’s definitely different from the Ogden. I don’t regret sewing this one up because the details are just so flattering on me! The skirt still allowed me to have the shaping I prefer in my clothing. I’m not a fan of gathering (ugh!)but I love the effect of gathering around the waist. Its a subtle gather so I wasn’t bunching and tugging and maneuvering forever! It’s hot here now and that DRY Colorado heat is no match for this tank. I will take anything to stay cool when we go outside. This is a great solution! Although it was raining when I took the final photos for this pattern, it was still hot and sticky but I felt cool and COMFORTABLE in this top. The pattern calls for knit fabrics but I had this rayon in my stash that I thought would be gorgeous as the Floral Dreams. And I was right. Simple as that. I LOVE THE COMBO! I still even have some left over to possibly make something for Nala.

I cut the size medium for this pattern as I normally do for EAM patterns. This size is pretty much exactly my measurement so I didn’t change alter anything. I will usually add about 2.5 inches to make sure it’s my size. In this pattern, however! I decided that because there were two options for the skirt on the tank I chose, I could use the longer option and it would be long enough for my 5’10” frame. It worked! So woohoo for not having to make adjustments!

In the future, I see myself hacking this pattern to suit my needs as I see fit. I think it’s a good block to adjust and make into different things. I saw another tester made this tank into a dress and it was absolutely gorgeous! I was really thinking about doing that but decided against it since I didn’t know how much fabric that would use. I had already picked out the rayon that I wanted to use and there was a good amount left after cutting but I was trying not to make my life hard lol I could also see myself making this tank into a standard knit cami by eliminating the loops and just attaching the straps onto the back where the loops would sit. It would still be quite low backed but I quite like that. I would probably do the wider straps if doing that option so that it would be more bra-friendly.

With many Ellie and Mac Patterns, I appreciate the formatting of her print at home PDF patterns. They have a layers function so you can print just the size you need. I also enjoy using the table of contents for printing or steps and such. I would love if they would be more specific about which pages should be printed for each size and pattern piece. I feel as if many independent pattern companies do that and I feel that it is extremely convenient!

I find that I love many of their children’s clothing patterns more than the adult patterns. I find that I sew up the kids patterns a lot more than my size. I love the variety of children’s clothing patterns! This tank top though! It’s so nice. I really can see myself using this pattern over and over again. I would definitely recommend this pattern to others for sure!

Meet your newest tester…

This was the first time that I was a pattern tester and I think I’m hooked! I don’t know what’s so great about it for me because I thought it might be really difficult or tedious but I have loved it! I like that there is a lot of direct feedback and just conversation about a certain pattern. You know that everyone participating is all sewing the same thing. The support and encouragement is awesome!

I made it into the pattern instructions and I’m second on the pattern page! I was so happy and still am so proud of myself for finally giving pattern testing a shot! I’ve talked about this on Instagram but I struggle to take the compliments or appreciate my successes with this craft. Being a part of this process was so cool. I didn’t understand all the ins and outs of testing when I did join the group. I was able to find all the materials they had prepared to lay out exactly what’s expected of us and what we can expect from them. From there I kinda dove into the group and just basically signed up for all the sewing lol

I was swept up in all glam of testing and such so I have majorly over committed for July but after some very real time looking over my Rongrong Happy Planner, I got everything worked out. I offer spread myself thin but I’m looking to find a balance between being involved and sitting back. I want to participate in the communities I’m a part of but also I want to be present in my home life as well. I love sewing but I love my family so much more. Sometimes, it’s easy to escape the stress of every day with some serging and topstitching. But for me, I will bury right into projects on my desk and suddenly the week has gone by and I haven’t done anything around the house.

It’s just so fun! I know there is only a small number of people in my real life that can relate to my hobby but having a community online that you know shares your passion makes your day just that much better! Having people who genuinely understand your frustrations, accomplishments and can recommend or try new patterns with is just the best! I want to be more present than my schedule can allow and for that, I have decided to change a few things around so that I can make the time for sewing without sacrificing my other responsibilities lol I have a good idea but we’ll see how this goes in practice.

Thank you for reading! <3

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