Simplicity 8889 Pattern Review

Simplicity 8889 Pattern Review

When I saw that MiMi G Style was releasing new patterns I was so excited to hurry up… and wait… For Joann’s to have them on sale for $1.99. I say that because I had never sewn a Simplicity patten before and like with RTW brands, not every pattern company has clothing that suits your shape/height/build. I’m not one who is opposed to making adjustments to patterns but I would like to spend most of my time sewing… not drawing and cutting!

Either way, I had watched the sew along and felt confident in choosing this particular pattern as the symbolic toe dip into Simplicity. I’ve been sewing for a while and I feel as though it’s time I tried my hand at a more detailed woven pattern, instead of my usual knit variety. When the Simplicity patterns went on sale for $1.99 I bought about $25 worth patterns. I figured I’ve wasted $10 on a pattern I’ve disliked or never sewn more than twice so this wasn’t a bad gig! (Can we say it together? Zaji… You are a pattern hoarder!) I loved this idea though. Never bought a paper pattern in all my years lol But it was pretty great to grab a pattern for so cheap! Considering most indie pattern brands I buy from are $9+ a pop! I made a point to grab 8889 and 8890 whilst dumping the drawers into my basket. I got a very stiff eye roll from Bryan, but oh well!

Enough back story! I am now at home with my fabric prewashed and my sewing area organized enough to start this project. I had everything cut and interfaced and things were pretty smooth there. I did manage to switch the front pieces of the top (view A) so the shirt would button the on the opposite side but I figured that wasn’t a significant issue for me so I didn’t recut. I just had to keep that in mind when sewing… No big deal, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

View A

I started on the top first because I knew I loved it and would want to wear it ASAP! The pants… oh, the pants. We’ll come back to those! Don’t worry. The top was very straight forward. I did a combination of following the video and written instructions to construct it. I had difficulty with the hidden placket, though. I think this is because of my mix up with the front pieces and not making a physical note in my instructions instead of a mental one. I got very frustrated with the placket! I replayed the video and re-read the instructions multiple times and it still is not perfect but I feel as though it looks pretty good for me! I know that some would prefer a neater finish, so I recommend taking your time with cutting and not being a goof like me and cutting the front pieces backwards.

For the fabric, I used a linen/rayon blend in this gorgeous palm print that I also got from Joann’s. I got a really great deal because they discontinued this fabric and it was also end of bolt! It just looked so summer-y to me and I thought I would be easy to use as a neutral in many other outfits! I paired it with these mid-tone brown buttons that I figured would, not only, be a great compliment to the shirt, but the pants as well.

I believe that it took me around 4 hours to make this shirt because I do still have a little baby princess that I was looking after and I was partially sewing bits and pieces here and there between her naps and eating. I don’t believe that it would take this long if you don’t have the same kind of distractions and are able to really sit down and execute this project. I also don’t think it will take me nearly as long, if I do choose to make another of these tops.

I love how this top turned out and I can definitely see myself wearing it often this summer. It’s a good neutral color and I should be able to pair it with a number of things in my closet already. Despite the flaw at the placket edge, I think this top turned out exactly as designed.

View B

These pants! Where as I love the idea of them… I just don’t think they suit my frame. I don’t feel like me in them. So where as they were quite cute on Mrs. MiMi, they don’t quite look the same on me! But everything you see isn’t necessarily going to look amazing on you. I’m still happy that I made them because they encouraged me to actually make jeans! So they aren’t something I hate that I made. Kinda knocked the sew-jo out of me but I eventually got over it and kept on trucking through many- many other makes!

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  1. There is a famous poem by Robert Burns, which remarks about what a gift it would be to see ourselves as others see us. If you could see yourself in this outfit, both the top and the pants, the way I do (and, I hasten to add, I have excellent taste and an artistic eye!), you would see a beautiful young woman, looking exceedingly stylish in her self-made garment. Although your figure is very different from Mimi’s, you look at least as good as she does, and I think you look even better, because your figure is more proportionate. I think that the only people, who really can wear “big” pants like this are slim. Because the blouse is short, the outfit is well balanced, and I hope you will end up feeling very fashionable when you wear it, because that is certainly how you look.

    I don’t have a petite figure, as you do, but I ordered the pattern anyway, because I like your outfit so much.

    The blouse looks very much like the Closet Case Files Kalle. Their website offers an excellent, very detailed sewalong. You might want to consult it when you make your blouse again, as it may help with the hidden placket.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Ann! I’m sure that you will look stunning in this pattern and I’m glad the review was helpful 🧡 I saw that the Kalle was similar and am still considering purchasing that pattern because the shirt dress version is really calling my name! The two tops are very similar though! I debated on which one to get for quite some time before deciding on this one because it was only $2 at the time lol

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