Simplicity 8843 Review

The first of many DIY outerwear in this space 🍫🍫 Of course In a chocolate-y softshell fleece from fashion fabrics club. 🥰😊

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You have seen me make many coats and jackets for Nala at this point but this is the first adult size one that I’ve made 🙈 I know! I’m the worst about making things for myself. I mean… have you seen how cute and ditty her coat are? 😍Anywho! Now! I have an anorak that will be worn until it falls apart lol

I knew that when I did make this anorak I wanted everything to be very thoughtfully done. I have gold spring snaps for the pockets on the front and this lovely parka zipper from WAWAK. I also got topstitch needles to help get through this bulky, BULKY, bulky fabric because the eye is much larger to help catch that bobbin thread!

I made a few adjustments to this pattern. I lengthened the bodice pieces by 1.5” and the sleeves by 1”.

I found these instructions to be understandable and the pattern itself, has just enough details to make it an interesting make. I love the pockets but chose to pass on the casing because this fabric was way too thick and I really don’t find that i like that style anyway. I would not have tightened yo casings so I just decided to pass on that detail.

I made a smaller facing for the hood because this softshell is VERY BULKY! I cut the hood piece as normal and adjusted from there. The piece is about 3” with a 5/8” seam allowance. This way I get a nice, finished edge but the hood still has some good movement to it.

Speaking of finishes! I chose to just topstitch my seam allowance down at 1/8” and then trim really close to that stitching line. I finished all seams that way and 1/4” hems for the facing pieces.

This project took me a full day because of how picky I was with the topstitching. But it was absolutely necessary to make this garment fit and wear how I wanted!

I’m very proud of this make. I think that it will definitely get a lot of wear and I love that! I can definitely see myself making this again.

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