Papercut Patterns Sierra Jumpsuit Review

When a vision just blossoms into a garment like this one ✨🌸

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Last year, I discovered the Sierra from Papercut Patterns and knew I wanted to make it. I wasn’t very proficient in altering garments (still not XP level lol) and a jumpsuit was the scariest! Fast forward to today when I am known to freehand my adjustments, I had to crank one of these out for my summer wardrobe!

This fabric is from Walmart and I got a 2 yard precut piece of this polyester, stretch woven for only $2! I always snatch these up because they work great for muslins and often times wearable muslins like this one! This rich, rosy textured stripey goodness is just beautiful, as well.

But! Oh man. I don’t think I cussed more making a garment than I did making this one! 🙈 I don’t this this pattern is very difficult but it is awkward to sew. I had things twisted more than I realized and probably just jumbled up to begin with because I’ve cut the front bodices out opposite. It was a problem lol I used my seam ripper more than I usually do but I’m happy it work out in the end!

This is my wearable muslin but it is very close! I added a little to much in the crotch line but it is definitely better to have more room than less! Amirite?! Next time I think I will eliminate this adjustment altogether. I added 1” in the lengthen lines on the bodice panels. I think this was very successful because my torso length is really what differs the most from the majority of drafting blocks. I like the fit of the bodice and I feel like it’s fitting the way the pattern intended. This jumpsuit is intended to be layered so the ease is a little bit more than I usually like. However, I am interested in seeing what this will look like with a top underneath and also seeing what going down a size would look!

So many plans for future versions! This pattern has taken my heart and I am fairly pleased with the results!

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