Simplicity 9185 Pattern Review

I love when Simplicity releases patterns that have the full coordinating outfit and it’s actually so cute! These wardrobe building sets are not that common and its very refreshing when they are so wearable!

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I made Simplicity 9185. I made version A, B and C. I made no modifications to the pattern because this is my muslin. I loved the style of this pattern and I felt like it was so elegant and chic without being really fussy. 

I do realize after completing the cape, I should add about 2 inches but potentially even more. Because of the size of this pattern I would even consider cutting the two pieces so that I use the full width of the fabric. Meaning that they are around 2 feet long from shoulder to hem. I’m sure there’s a better way to explain that but I don’t know how right now LOL. Other than that, version A fit really well and I love the style, my goodness! 

Version B was not a part of the pattern hat I really expected to love as much as I do but lemme just say that is is no the last that you will see of it! Out of the packet, it fit me like a dream! I made no modifications to this pattern at all. The sleeves and neckline really sold me on this pattern. I love the slit detail and how wide they are at the wrist. It’s something that would make layering a breeze but I could easily fit these into a jacket or cardigan. I love how the neckline is a boatneck style which is both flattering but also covering my neck from being exposed when winds start blowing! I have every intention of cutting some more of these out. I might try a warmer fabric next time though.

Version C was the part of the pattern that I was the least confident in. I couldn’t really wrap my brain around what they would look like even though I saw the sample but I liked the idea of this outfit so I cut it anyway. I only had 2 yards of fabric to work with so I played Tetris with my pattern pieces and I was able to get everything cut out even though it called for 2 3/8 yard. I just could not fathom how I wouldn’t be able to fit them! They didn’t look that wide but I’m happy I didn’t count the pattern out before at least trying. I mean, I got the pockets out too! I am still very proud of that resourcefulness! Clearly.


All the fabric that I used for this pattern came from Walmart’s discount bundle area! I paid $2 for 2 Yards of the white sweater fabric and the woven mini herringbone fabric. The polyester jersey I used was only $4 for 2 yards. I do not know the exact specific content of any of these fabrics but I am not too worried because I intended for these to be muslins. Thankfully everything is quite wearable and I don’t think any of these fabrics are of poor quality. And you can bet that I’ve been swishing around in this outfit quite happily.


Making the cape was pretty easy in comparison to how fancy I think it looks. I used my serger to construct this garment and it was rather quick to come together. It was really just the long hem that required some patience. I used a roll hem when I got to the sleeve openings for both sides since I finished the seam allowances together instead of separately. I liked the mitered corners on the ends of the cape a lot. It’s not a technique I think I use enough.

The t-shirt was also very easy to come together. Once I messed up the cuff once, I had figured out what I was doing. I had never done a split that way and I found that it was such a simple way to get a pretty nice detail for the sleeve.

The pants were probably the most confused I’ve ever been putting a pair of pants together. When it comes to the front of these pants, I was thrown for a loop! I think the video I made about this pattern can really help you to see how I found it the easiest to construct these pants. I, myself, will be referring to this video when I make another pair of these in the future.

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