Spark Cardigan Knitting Pattern Review

This is my first stranded colorwork garment! The cardigan that changed my whole perspective on fair isle garments in general! I joined this knit along (KAL) as a personal challenge for myself. It was the first garment I approached after having surgery on my thumb.

In this video, I talk all about the design and making it!

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I used Cascade 220 in white for the main color of my Spark Cardigan. I used Cascade 220 Superwash Wave in Unicorn for the Contrast Color of the cardigan.

I showed the matching yarns I’m using for my husband’s Spice Cardigan in this video, as well! His main color yarn is Cascade 220 in Smoke Blue and his contrast color is Cascade 220 Superwash Wave in Deep Sea.

Here is my knitting diary for this project:

08-01-2020: Three swatches later… US9 for main fabric, US7 for ribbing and US10 for sleeves maybe. Cast on using cable cast on 48 sts. I knit cuff for 37 rounds to get 6” cuffs to add a little length to the sleeve. Knit round one of color work chart.

08-03-2020: I knit up about a half of the sleeve! I’m happy with the process that I’ve made in 3 days! I’m hoping I can keep up the same pace because it’s been such a nice knit thus far!

08-06-2020: Finished the first sleeve. Measures 23” and ended on 5th row of repeat.

08-17-2020: Finished the second sleeve today! Ended on the 5 round again!

12-20-2020: Finally not feeling guilty to work on this project again. Also the tracking sheet makes me feel lots of anxiety. But I’m slowing down with it so that I can hopefully get it off my needles! I wanna wear it so badly 😔 starting with round 34 of this tracking sheet today.

Finished row 44. Ten rows. Not too shabby, Zaji. Not too shabby 👌🏾

12-23-2020: Main body is done! I’m starting on the collar now. So far the fit is good and I’m still probably not making the belt lol

12-24-2020: Did 55 rows of nonsense 🤦🏾‍♀️ Frogged everything back.

12-25-2020: Back on track with the short row shaping on the collar. I’m using two 30” circulars to comfortably knit this collar since I haven’t steeked yet.

12-26-2020: Finished the short rows. I’m doing the full collar now. Still using two circulars.

12-27-2020: I’m about 1/3 don’t binding off the collar in I-cord. I actually really like the I-cord bind off. It does take time but the finish it so nice 🥰 I’m ready to finish the collar and cut my steek! Maybe tomorrow!

12-28-2020: I’m finished! Steek cut! Steam blocked and darned all my ends lol I looooooooooove it! I believe my i-cord is probably tighter than it should be but meh😕 I’m not redoing it. I’ll just keep that in mind for Bryan’s spice cardigan. I LOVE IT 😻 OMG.

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