Tilly And The Buttons Skye Mini Dress

If you need something that is PERFECT for sweaty hot days, I’ve found the pattern for you 😊

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I am wearing Tilly and The Buttons Skye Mini Dress and it’s my new everyday dress! Wow. Ok. First. I’m obsessed! And second, I might cut out another today! I said it!

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I am using “Wild In Mustard” viscose fabric sent from Workroom Social! It’s my favorite colors and the coolest print! I was obsessed and am still obsessed with the combination! I had been hoarding this fabric and it was getting to be just insane… I wanted to make something, so that I could wear the fabric all the time and I thought that the new Tilly and the Buttons Skye pattern would be amazing! Skye would definitely be a dress that I could easily wear all summer long and even considering layering it for the fall time because it does have really beautiful fall tones!

I cut out size 4 in Skye. I used my projector to cut out this style. I was able to get the mini dress (with my length adjustment) out of 2 yards of fabric. I lengthened the skirt by ~2” instead of the bodice. I think that was an adequate adjustment for me. If I had lengthened the bodice, the pleats would be completely in the wrong direction.

For my stay stitching, I chose to use a 1.5 mm stitch to go around the neck hole and arm holes. By using a staystitch that small, I can really ensure that these openings are not going to stretch out when I apply the binding. I’ve talked about how binding is not really my favorite way to finish a garment but I think that it really will help in keeping this garment lightweight. I do think that with the next version (!) though I will just cut out a lining and enclose the skirt inside of the two bodice layers. I did not have enough fabric to do that for this version though and the binding wasn’t terrible! I did make my own binding with the remnants of this fabric after cutting out the main dress. I was also able to get out the ties. I could’ve used just a contrast fabric to line this dress if I were that inclined.

I don’t usually care whether or not a pattern has pockets or not. I don’t really find that I miss them when they’re not there and I guess I do use them if they are there. But I always have a purse… so don’t really care about the pocket situation that much. But! This dress comes with some serious pockets! They are the perfect shape! If I put something in there it doesn’t just fly out when I walk! Amazing!

I used the yarn gathering method to gather the skirt onto this bodice. I have such mixed feelings about this! I feel a little bit precious about holding onto my yarn stash. But, I really don’t like red at all so I’m happy to give this red yarn from my stash some purpose. It did take what felt like more time to sew the yarn onto the fabric… But I think it is really just because I have to pay so much attention on not catching the yarn in the stitch. Overall, I really like the look of the gathers using the yarn method because it makes them a little more even and hold them into place before pressing. Next time, I will have to remember to press the gathers before finish the raw edges after they have been sewn. The two layers go through my overlocker much easier that way!

I chose to topstitch the waist seam. I prefer the look of a topstitched waist seam over just letting one kind of hang there. Also it’ll help for keeping it looking nice right out of the wash! I’m always looking for ways to make ironing/steaming so much faster!

I finished the raw edge of the skirt with an overlock. My overlocker creates a 1/4” seam. I then use that seam as a guide to make a narrow hem along the bottom of the skirt. I simply turn right at my machine and stitch that way.

I used a bartack for the faux shoulder ties to just one side of the binding at the shoulder. This way, I can slide the tie under my bra and have it be secured with the strap and still have really cute ties!

It’s clear that I love wearing this design. I hope to add more Skye dresses to my wardrobe. I hope that I can get another version make of this top before the year is over. What are your thoughts about this pattern?

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