McCall’s M8087 Sewing Pattern Review

Have you ever had a project that you could not wait to finish and wear? That you would love to make but cannot get past all the gathering?! Lol no? Just me?

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McCall’s 8087 is a beautiful tiered dress with off-shoulder flounce, sleeves or halter style bodice options. I loved the halter version immediately! I cut it out immediately! I cut view C’s bodice with view A’s skirt. I cut out a size 12 based off of my measurements and the finish measurements given in the pattern. I think I could have sized down to a 10 if I’m being honest though.

I am using black viscose twill from Fashion Fabrics Club! I love the toothiness of this fabric. It just feels quite luxurious to wear. Not to mention, the drape and flow of this fabric! I’m not one for solid black dresses, but it felt right so I went with it!

Everything is smooth sailing… And then it sits in my work in progress box for about a year…

Because I absolutely despise gathering. 😣

I used the yarn gathering method with my Skye dress, and I think that it definitely has improved my gathering evenness! I like this method because it’s less delicate and it holds the fabric in place once gathered. It’s not necessarily faster though. I mean three tiers to have to gather! It’s madness. I knew that this was going to be a very special dress when I finished it but it is a nightmare dealing with this gathering on the short term. I like full skirts so it is what it is.

I finished the raw edge of the final tier with my overlocker. I finished all the other tiers with my overlocker. I didn’t change much about construction because it is a fairly quick project until you get to the gathering! I think the other bodices would benefit from to simplifying as far at instructions go. I’m not sure that they appeal to me much though.

I did a narrow hem using the overlocked edge as a guide. All by hand. Ain’t nobody got time to be pressing out a hem! A narrow hem foot would have worked as well but there were several seams to the bottom tier and I did not want to fuss around with the narrow hem foot.

I got some cone beads for the cord that goes through the straps. I used a little bit of tape on the end of the cording to help me get it through the bead and tied a knot. I secured the knot with some fabric glue and e6000. Needless to say, this knot and bead are going nowhere.

As a final adjustment, I ended up needing to take about an inch out of the elastic for the waist. I definitely had to get a custom fit because I am quite a bit thinner under my bust than I am at my natural waist. I also used knitted elastic which is a bit looser in stretch. I still think I could stand to take another inch but I am going to leave it for now!

I love this design and I think it is perfect for summer! I see myself wearing it in fall time as well though! I’m just so happy to have M8087 in My Wardrobe now! Would you make this design? Let me know down below!

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