McCall’s M8151: My Swishy Skirt

McCall’s M8151 is such a swishy fun skirt! I honestly cannot get over how fun this skirt is to wear! It’s definitely going to get so much use! It’s going into Fall here and I can say that with tights and boots, it can still get lots of loving! 🥰🥰

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Pattern Notes

Today, I’m going to be sharing all about my experience with McCall’s M8151! I bought this pattern because I have a big love for skirts! I can never pass up a good skirt pattern. I find them very versatile and easy to wear! They make great layering pieces when it’s cold but still so cute when worn alone. M8151 is no exception to this concept!

I debated for some time about what version I wanted to make but ultimately decided to go with Version B! Although the top ruched yoke is the same for all three versions, the skirt portion is more pencil style for version A, more flared and swishy for version B, and a high-low mermaid cut for version C. You could make each version and have vastly different styles although they all start from the same pattern! I love when the pattern offers you that kind of variety!

After looking through the finished measurements, I cut a size 14. This is very rare for me as I don’t find I cut very many size 14 patterns even though that is my recommended size for McCall’s. I didn’t make any other adjustments to this skirt! Also rare, but with skirts, in general, I don’t find it necessary to.

Fabric Acknowledgment

It’s no secret that I love Bamboo based fabrics! Woven or Knit, I’m quite pleased to have either of them! But my very favorite fabric is Viscose Challis! I am obsessed with the lightweight drape and movement of Viscose challis.

For this skirt, I used John Kaldor Fernando Viscose Challis Fabric that I was gifted from John Kaldor has beautiful prints that are both striking but still very wearable! Of course, this fabric is black and grey but there are little slivers of brown here that makes this, otherwise, monochromatic print very warm and inviting. I cannot stop staring at the beautiful fronds on this fabric and the shading. It’s just lovely! The movement of this skirt adds to the print and it just worked perfectly together!

I could see many other designs that would be nice in this John Kaldor print, as well. It would be a beautiful blouse or dress. You know, I’d love a dress with this print! But it would be beautiful wide leg pants, as well!


I really liked the construction method of this skirt! It’s very rare that I follow the instructions completely, but this skirt is an anomaly! I really enjoyed the methods they used. Wow. This is usually my longest conversation but I can’t say that I’m upset that it is rather short this go around!

Almost forgot! I did change the hem. 😅 This was a decision made purely because I didn’t want to make a baby hem. That is not the fault of the pattern though! This was a super wide hem so be warned about that!

Final Thoughts

I love the fit of this skirt! The movement is so dreamy in this pretty John Kaldor viscose. I enjoy the design quite a bit. I cannot recommend it enough for you to give a try! I think this design would be quite flattering on so many different people! It’s such a fun make! I could see myself adding another one of these skirts for my wardrobe!

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