DROPS Endless Possibilities Sweater Pattern Review

I knit up Endless Possibilities from DROPS Design! This design caught my eye when this pattern was released last year, and I have not been able to get it out of my head since. I’m so happy that this is off the needles AND I get to wear it now!

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Pattern Notes

DROPS patterns are typically written in a very concise manner. That’s one thing that you get less of with these free designs. An individual designer will take time to write out more instruction for their designs, typically. And I feel like these are more so for someone who is already quite comfortable with knitting patterns in general. I personally don’t have a preference because I have loved all the DROPS sweaters I’ve made! I didn’t find any errors in the pattern and I feel like it was overall written well.

I did, however, want to change a couple of the details just because I know which finishes and things that I like with knitting patterns.

The first thing that I changed was the neck band. It was supposed to be a hemmed neck band. I don’t like hems in knitwear. It’s definitely not my forte and I usually don’t like the finish of a hem on knits. I chose to do a double neck edge instead. I use this video as inspiration and I have been using this technique for sometime now. I also really enjoy the elasticity that you get with this method as opposed to with a hem. The recovery is a lot better and it doesn’t stretch out over time.

The next thing that I change to, was to add a little bit of laciness to the yoke of the sweater. Because I did a size down, I wanted to communicate a much lighter design. This sweater is supposed to be quite snuggly and warm because it is supposed to have from 2 to 3 inches of wearing ease it just looked better in my head with yarnover eyelet holes up at the neckline to really add to the look that I was going for. I simply left the yoke increases open when I was knitting. It was unnecessary so it’s not something that I feel everyone would need to change but it did give me a little bit more intentionality in the look of this pattern because it is different from how the sample is.

Yarn Acknowledgment

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I used a yarn from my stash to make this sweater. This yard I got heavily discounted from Hobby Lobby. I believe they were getting rid of all of the yarn substrates like this yarn which were acrylic and 10% alpaca. I’m not sure if that’s at every store or just my store but I have not been able to find it in Colorado since. I have desperately searched all the Hobby Lobby‘s near me and I have not been able to find more of this yarn in the other color ways or in the color way that I used.

I used Yarn Bee Dee-Lish Boutique yarn in the color Danish Darling. This yarn’s variegation is absolutely stunning! I love how the colors transition and I really wanted to be able to find other colors that have the same sort of variegation. Looking back, I wish I would’ve grabbed more colors. I paid $1.74 for this yarn and it came with more than 100 g per ball. Such a great deal and I really am still very salty that I didn’t get more.

Knitting Diary


I swatched on US 8 but I am getting 16 Sts instead of 17. I will try to swatch with US 6 tomorrow and see if I get gauge tomorrow.

US 6 was definitely too small. US 7 it is. Going to finally cast on.

I used scrap yarn to cast on a provisional cast on but that was definitely not the easiest way to do that. I’ve made a double neck edge without having to sew or lose any elasticity around the neck! Love that. I’m starting chart A.1 today. There is one extra knit round before increase after the ribbing.

I already feel like something is off on this chart but I’m gonna keep working because my stitch count is correct.

I separated for the sleeves and have worked a fair bit of the body. I think I’m gonna try it on tomorrow to see how the fit is. I’m nervous about my current guage because I never truly got guage in my swatches. 🤞🏽 please don’t be too small!

Picked this back up a couple days ago and I’ll be casting off the body tomorrow. I have one sleeve half done and one still on some holder thread from the split. I’m very pleased with the variegation on this yarn and how it looks right now! I believe it will be quite easy to color control for the sleeves to be rather similar to each other. It very light weight and drapey already. I’m looking forward to blocking this sweater!!

Finished the first sleeve today. I made it 45cm long and I’m hoping it will block out a little longer as well. I’m leaving my stitch markers in place because I did not follow the pattern for decreases and such.

I picked up the second sleeve and I finished 4 decreases so far. I’m still working with the 9” needle and it’s preferable to the DPNs for sure!

I finished the second arm at 10pm🤪 Finally! After 9 months lol But better late than never! I still need to darn all my ends in and block it. As I predicted, these sleeves aren’t long enough for me and neither is the body. I like the cropped style but DROPS patterns all seem to be this short for me. Even after adding to the sleeve length. Idk. Still very happy with this design!

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