Simplicity S9275 Pattern Review

I think I found our New Favorite Fall top! A chic take on a sweatshirt that I could not pass up! This pattern would be an awesome make for Let’s Sew Fall 2021! It’s fast and easy!

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Pattern Info

Top | Top Fabric | Jeans

I made Simplicity 9275 and I’m happy to share about it today! This pattern is such a great design for building your handmade wardrobe! It’s a cool take on a sweatshirt! There are a couple of different versions that really caught my eye but I made version A this time. This version features three-quarter length sleeves with a split cuff. There is also a princess seamed front bodice with a split band and pocket on the band. There are many other versions that I feel would be awesome to give a try.

It’s all the little details in this pattern that really made me want to make it up. I love the princess seemed Bodice because I feel like the fit is just so much better than a plain front would be. I also really liked all the split hems in this design. The sleeve has a really great split cuff on it and the bottom of this top has a split band, as well. I think it would be very cute as a fall top but it is also working well in spring too!

I sized down with this pattern and cut a size 12. They had 5.5” of wearing ease for this design in my size(14) but I knew I would not like a sweater with that much room in it! It may be something that you will want to double check before you cut. I know that it is typical for these patterns to have a lot of ease, in general. I always recommend that you check the finished measurements before making any design. It’s hard to tell just from looking whether or not a garment will be too big or too small for your body. The finished measurements don’t lie!

Fabric Acknowledgment

Top | Top Fabric | Jeans

I used a beautiful Slub Sweater Knit from Lady McElroy. This fabric is so soft! I felt how soft it was before I washed it but it got even softer after! This print is called Wild Bouquet and all the flowers on here have such great colors! I really like the royal blue in contrast with the peaches and oranges and reds; it just looks great together. It’s quite colorful without being too difficult to fit into my wardrobe and with other garments that I’ve made.

Top | Top Fabric | Jeans | Loafers

Construction Notes

I recorded a sew with me (COMING SOON, SUBSCRIBE here so you don’t miss it!) for this pattern because I really wanted to show how I put this design together. This was a project that I changed a couple of the instructions around for because I wanted to be able to use my cover stitch. I use a Pfaff Coverlock 4.0 which is both an over locker and a coverstitch. It’s kind of a pain to go back-and-forth between the two function so I prefer to do all of my overlocking and serging at one point and then do all of my coverstitching at the end. That way, I only have to switch my machine over once which means I’ll be able to make this design much faster than if I were to go back-and-forth because I’m just not keen to switch my machine that often.

The major thing that I think is different is how I ordered the steps of the pattern. I did just swap a couple of the steps around so that it would go a little bit faster for me. I also did change how the sleeves are put in. I put the sleeves in flat instead of in the round which is not something that is necessary but a helpful step. I just prefer to put my sleeves in flat when I can.

Final Thoughts

I love this top! It’s casual but not frumpy! I like sweatshirts because they are so cozy but this top is a improvement on a traditional sweatshirt. Sizing down with this pattern is what really made the difference for me! The sweater knit also gives this top a more stylish feel that a french terry or sweatshirt fleece would. But I would love to have one in a plain french terry, as well!

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