5Berries Children’s Hooded Coat Pattern

I was looking for a nice coat that Nala could wear and be completely cozy in! I found this Hooded Coat pattern on Etsy by 5Berries! It was exactly what I was looking for!

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Pattern Info

The Children’s Hooded Coat from 5Berries has several details that really stuck out to me. I really like the spacious hood, the folded sleeve cuffs and I really liked how the pockets have contrast flaps that show off lining fabric! I chose to make size 3T for Nala in this pattern.

The sleeves really won me over because they offer the ability for Nala to actually grow into this jacket! If she has a sudden growth spurt before winter is over, I’m confident that this coat will still full meet her needs! In coats, I’ve made in the past, I noticed that by January/February the sleeves would be borderline too short for it to still count as appropriate length! I know that won’t happen with this one.

The coat has raglan sleeves and a swing style, which makes it a very easy coat pattern! There’s no set-in sleeves to give you a headache or to fuss around with. I know that added to the speed of this design, as well. Any beginner would have a pleasant experience if they approached this coat pattern! I used a coating fabric but I imagine that design would suit a raincoat style or lighter weight jacket style as well!

The closure for their coat is another reason that I like this design. In the past I used zippers but I recognize that they aren’t always the best way to finish a design. You can use Buttons, press snaps or Kam snaps. I used Kam snaps because they are very easy to install and are easy for Nala to snap and unsnap herself. Plus! No zipping up her hand knit sweaters and them getting caught!

Fabric Acknowlegement

If you have been following my work for a while, you know I love to use the remnants from my own projects to make garments for Nala! It’s actually something that makes me so happy because it furthers my slow fashion agenda! Lol

I used Heavy Weight Grey Wool Blend Coating that I was gifted last year from Minerva to make Nala’s new coat. It is extremely warm and cozy and I don’t think it’s necessary to underline it with anything to make it that way! It’s a great quality and actually very easy to press and sew with if you have the right needle and tension!

I lined this coat with a remnant from one of our favorite rayon prints! This Lady McElroy Lena Crepe fabric was the star of Easter this year! I made both Nala and I matching Chalk and Notch Renn dress! Though Nala can no longer fit her dress, it’s still a dress that I grab for often myself! I love the combination of yellow/gold and grey together so it felt like a great choice for the lining! I was not disappointed and neither was Nala when she saw that I used it! I like to see the little details of the coat pop with this design.

I chose to use Sherpa Fur for the hood band because the grey coating is not soft! My daughter is quite sensitive, especially on her face and neck. The Sherpa is nice and soft so I imagine that improved the comfortability in wearing the hood! I also really like the look of the Sherpa too! Very wintery.

Construction Notes

I had a really easy time sewing this pattern up! I like the photos and it was very fast to sew together!

I did change some things in the construction, nevertheless. I chose to sew the hood on and bag the lining out because I new my machine could handle the bulk and I prefer that method over the one the designer chose. It save me on guess work and like the finish quite a bit.

Everything else was done as the pattern specified.

Final Thoughts

I like this pattern quite a bit! I think it’s great for beginners or experienced sewists who would like to make a coat for their little or the little in their life! I would recommend it to anyone looking to dip their toes into sewing up outerwear!

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