Corrupted Chaos by Shain Rose Book Review

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My enemy doesn’t make the rules behind closed doors…
Even if he’s my boss.

Cade Armanelli might be an infamous hacker with billionaire status who operates better alone, but I earned my spot working alongside him…
Whether he likes it or not.

It’s precisely why I’m on the first plane to an undisclosed location for our cybersecurity team retreat. I’m ready to prove to our company that I can handle anything…
Except sharing a cabin and a bed with my meticulous, elusive boss.

He’s antisocial.
Enemy number one.
Unfortunately, he’s also number one in tatted, dark, and dangerous. I quickly come to find that not only are his hacking skills perfection, but so is his performance in the bedroom.

Not that it matters. I have a job to keep, a heart to protect, and our nation’s data to secure.
Cade can’t help me with any of that.
He’s a distraction. One I have to avoid…
Even if it means I’m spray painting a red line down our bed and keeping my boss on his side.

Corrupted Chaos is a light mafia standalone romance with forced proximity, steam, and a tech mogul that will fight and grovel for a HEA with his spitfire woman.


Shain Rose provides content warnings for her books on her website. I have included those plus any others I observed while reading:

  • Addiction (recovered but struggles)
  • Alcohol
  • Blood
  • Breath play
  • Death
  • Drugs/Drug Abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Profanity
  • Sexually Explicit Scenes
  • Suicide
  • Violence


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There are possible **SPOILERS** beyond this point!

Overall Rating

5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chaos is right! This book had me in a chokehold! (🤪🤔 literally?) It’s a workplace romance that becomes a one bed situation that becomes an absolute heartbreak and then Shain gives us an HEA that I absolutely loved!

This book definitely gives off Harley Quinn x Joker dynamics… think Suicide Squad not Birds of Prey lol I’m a huge fan of Harley and though this relationship is still very much it’s own brand of toxic and unhinged, I know other fans of this kind of dynamic would love Corrupted Chaos!

I’ve seen Caden in the background and hearing him talk so much was alarming but I loved it! Izzy… goddamnit. She was redeemed for me. In the last book she was asking for a quick pop to the face but… I understand her better now. She’s still out of line nearly all the time! This woman has no qualms with wrecking your shit 😂

Phew… they are soooooo toxic lol but I loved their crazy! I think there’s so much trust and affection between them. Izzy feels raw and “broken” but Cade never lets her feel like he can’t handle her, like it’s ever too much. I can say that this aspect really made me love Cade so much more! I related to Izzy more than I wanted (see aforementioned pop comment). I’m not mad about it though! Her heart is so big. She has worked so hard, grown so much since she was a young addict who had too much on her shoulders… I just want her to win. All the things!

Cade surprised me in this one. He was both the cold and scary tech guy I had seen before but he’s also so much more than that. The way he had quiet control over everything and his obsession with Izzy exposed his softer side too. Like I said, he spoke more in this book but he showed us more with his actions. He had no problem going out of his way for Izzy, time and time again.

I definitely enjoyed Cade and Izzy’s story! They make a lot of sense together. It was a steamy read, as is to be expected from the Armanellis so don’t ever get that twisted! The heat was turned way up in this one. Cade, sir. Write a handbook, ok?

I recommend this book to dark romance lovers and those who are a fan of hand necklaces! 🙂

Spice Rating

4/5 🌶🌶🌶🌶

Breath play, blood play, and more! This one is very smutty. The character development is heavy for Izzy and Cade in this one, but so is the sexual content.

Genre & Tropes


Dark Romance


  • Workplace romance
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Emotional Scars
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Favorite Quotes

You let him see the fire in you when he didn’t deserve it.

I always see you, baby doll.

This is how I like you. No attitude, just gratitude.



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