Does It Hurt? By HD Carlton Book Review

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Who am I?

I’ve forgotten the answer to that question long ago. Ever since I ran from that house, so desperate to escape, I left with only the clothes on my back and socks on my feet. After that day, I’ve only ever walked in stolen shoes.

Could I be a girl who is searching for the meaning of life in faceless men? They were all so forgettable. Until he came along. He took me under a waterfall and made me forget my name, and in return, I took his instead.

Enzo Vitale.

An enigmatic man that will only ever love the deep sea. Or rather the predators that inhabit it. Turns out, he’s not so different than the monsters he feeds. He lured me onto his boat like a fish in the ocean, seeking vengeance for my crime. Had I realized his intentions, and that a massive storm would leave us shipwrecked, I would’ve run.

Now, I’m a girl who’s seeking refuge in a decrepit lighthouse with a man who loathes me almost as much as he craves me. He wants to hurt me, but the old caretaker of the abandoned island may have intentions far more sinister.

It’s no longer a question of who I am, but rather, will I survive?

Sensitive Content

Here is the sensitive content I observed while reading:

  • Alcohol
  • BDSM
  • Blood
  • Death of a Parent
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Incest
  • Gore
  • Grief
  • Gun Violence
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Suicide/Suicidal ideation
  • Torture
  • Pedophilia
  • Profanity
  • Violence


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There are possible **SPOILERS** beyond this point!

Overall Rating

4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Does It Hurt? is about Sawyer and Enzo who get stranded on an island after getting ship wrecked. They met at a bar one day and click in a way neither have experienced before. The next day Sawyer ghosts Enzo after taking something important from him. Enzo confronts Sawyer about why she stole his identity and money from him. On the island, Enzo and Sawyer are able to survive with the help of a creepy older man who lives in the lighthouse there. The longer they stay waiting for help from the mainland, the more they have to work together to safe with the peculiar rules of the lighthouse. Can Enzo and Sawyer reconcile long enough to get off this island?

I really liked this book! It was dark and twisty and the smut was super kinky but it worked for me! This book is definitely not for those who do not enjoy dark romance. Period. With that being said, it was a really good read! I found both Sawyer and Enzo to be pretty unlikable but I liked them more for it! Their relationship is pretty toxic but I don’t hate it for this couple with everything that they have been through.

There is a mystery subplot that runs through this book involving the island they’re stranded on. It was absolutely crazy and I was destroyed with the reveals! My heart and mind hurt from the resolution to the mystery. This part of the book does take a big role in the book so I feel like the romance was missing a bit in exchange for the mystery.

I recommend this one for fans of dark romance and thrillers. I enjoyed the read and I don’t think I’ll ever forget about Enzo Vitale anytime soon lol

Spice Rating

5/5 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

This book is very smutty. There is a strong plot line but there are a lot of open door, explicit and kinky scenes throughout the book.

Genre & Tropes


Romantic Suspense


  • Enemies to lovers
  • Opposites Attract
  • Close Proximity
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Favorite Quotes

“Body of a Greek god? Check. Could ruin my life with just the tip? Check. Has a permanent scowl and carries himself like he hates the world? Just fuck me already.”

“You’re going to ruin me, too. But unfortunately for you, that’s where I feel most at home.”

“People don’t actually care about fixing you. They just want to shape your broken pieces until they fit their standards. Smooth ’em out, make ’em less sharp, so they don’t cut so deep when they collect ’em. But you ain’t any less broken.”

“My darkness was attracted to hers, and it seems I learned the hard way just how dangerous it is.”

“She may be a siren, but she’s mine to hurt just as much as she’s mine to protect.”

“You’re not dying.”
“You sure? I think I hear Jesus talking to me.”
“Then you’re definitely not dying. Jesus would never talk to you.”
“If worshiping you is what you ask, I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life on my knees”
“Is that what I am? …Yours?”
“You always have been”
“Show me where you hurt so I know where to love you most.”
“Being loved by me will hurt like hell. It’s everything you deserve.”
“You look beautiful painted in his blood. È il colore che preferisco su di te.”


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