Meet Your Match by Kandi Steiner Book Review

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Meet Your Match by Kandi Steiner


One Month with Vince Tanev: Tampa’s Hotshot Rookie
Twenty-four-seven access on and off the ice.

The headline says it all, and my bosses are over the moon when the opportunity of a lifetime lands in my lap. Of course, they aren’t aware that I’ve already met Vince Coolat an all-star gala — and that we were at each other’s throats the entire time.

It doesn’t matter that he’s the kind of hot that shows God has favorites — messy brown hair, heated hazel eyes, the smirk of a rockstar, and a scar over his eyebrow that makes every woman particularly feral.

He’s a rich, cocky playboy — a brand I’m all too familiar with, and one I’m determined to never be around again.

But after my coverage of the gala stirs up buzz, the team’s General Manager and my CEO strike a deal. To help fill the arena at home games, I’ll get up close and personal with Tampa’s new shiny toy. Whether he’s at practice, playing in a game, partying, or drinking coffee half-naked in his condo — I’ll be there for all of it.

Vince gets under my skin like no one else. It isn’t long before that paper-thin line between hate and lust blurs, and being around him every waking minute of the day leaves no chance to escape his devilish stare.

The air crackles between us. The tension is hot enough to melt my inhibitions.

But I know the way this story ends. I’ve lived it once before.

As much as I work to guard my heart, my body is a traitor — and if this man puts his hands on me, I know I’ll submit to desire.

I thought one month with Vince Tanev was a game I could win easily.
But I might have just met my match

Sensitive Content

Here is the potentially sensitive content I observed while reading:

  • Alcohol
  • Blood
  • Profanity
  • Sexually Explicit Scenes
  • Violence


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There are possible **SPOILERS** beyond this point!

Overall Rating

5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Meet Your Match absolutely stole my full attention once I started it and I never wanted to put it down! The banter and angst in this story held my attention and when that SPICE hit!!! Whoa. I’m the Osprey’s biggest fan now lol Maven King becomes the woman behind a month long social media campaign giving 24/7 coverage of the Osprey’s new star rookie, Vince Tanev. She lands the gig after sharing an amazing photo of him that she took at a charity gala they both attended. Their chemistry ipon meeting is intense though she is done with rich, athletes. They’re all the same! But Vince is determined to show her that he’s definitely not like her ex, not even close. Can Maven let go of her past and let Vince show her his heart?

Maven is nobody’s fool! At least never again after her ex broke her in a ways she never realized. She thinks Vince will be just like her ex but she’s in for a very different experience entirely! I strongly related to her and her struggle to trust Vince after what she had been through. I loved Maven’s quick wit and how she met Vince head on in any challenge! She’s funny and strong and she gets the job done!

Vince Tanev is perfection! I love him! New book boyfriend because he can literally do no wrong in my eyes lol I liked his drive and how he never lost focus of what he wanted. The way he fell for Maven made my heart squeeze because really he was obsessed right away! He respects her and treats her like the precious treasure she is. His narrative was just so swoony! Also! Kandi!!! That imagery of his thighs… bless you. Truly. The dirty talk! Again, Kandi, bless you! He’s possessive and growly and ready to deck anyone who looks at his girl for too long. This man was everything for me!

I really liked the side characters and now I’m absolutely feral about this team. I can’t wait for the other players to find love too!! They were great friends to Vince and Maven! I loved Livia, Maven’s bestie too! I just love this world and I’m super happy to come back for the next stories. I’m hooked! Amazing start to the series!!

This couple has some of the best dates! I loved being a part of their journey! They have some really beautiful heartfelt moment of vulnerability with each other. The trust they build over time they spend together was amazing! I really enjoyed seeing them connect in more than just the lust they have for each other. It’s a bit of a slow burn but that tension and build up was fantastic and so worth it. The smut was PIPING HOT!

I HIGHLY recommend this book to my romance lovers!

Spice Rating

3.5/5 🌶️🌶️🌶️

This is a slow burn, but there are several spicy scenes with innuendo throughout. Outstanding smut, people!

Genre & Tropes


Hockey Sports Romance


  • He falls first
  • Coworkers
  • Close proximity
  • Opposites attract
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Favorite Quotes

“But that was the infuriating truth, wasn’t it? Any woman who wasn’t smiling and laughing and being amicably pleasant was a bitch. I wore the insult with pride.”

“The motherfucker had stalked me, and hadn’t even been the least bit ashamed. It was like he wanted me to know.”

“So you don’t want me to take you up to my condo right now?… You don’t want me to haul this sweet ass over my shoulder and carry you inside… To pin you against my window, hike this skirt up over your hips, and fuck you for the whole city to watch?”

“I love that face, by the way… The one you make when you realize you’ve met your match.”

“The picture? You kissing my hair? My girl?” “What, not ready to admit that yet? Because let’s face it. It’s true.”

“This was Maven King destroying me for all other women.”

“I feel about music the way I feel about pottery, I think… I don’t have to fully understand it to know that it’s beautiful… Funny. I kind of feel that way about you, too.”

“You feel like what, Maven?… Like I love you?… Like I am compelled by you, by everything that you are, by how you have annihilated whatever version of my life existed before you?… Do you feel me holding on tighter every time you’re in my arms? Do you feel time slipping away too fast when we’re together?… Do you feel my heart fucking breaking at the thought of losing you? Is that what you feel, Maven?”

“Everything before you was black and white, a monochromatic existence… Now, it’s a kaleidoscope of color,” he said with a kiss. “Dizzying and maddening and beautiful.”


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