Sew My Style Reveal | Chalk + Notch Orchid Midi

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This is the first month that I am no longer lurking in the #SewMyStyle2019 feed! I actually participated and forsee me participating again. I enjoyed the Orchid Midi Dress option more than the Quincy Dress, so I picked to sew that one up. I chose view A just to stay breezy and cool during summer.

I had the pattern ready to go on PayPal, patiently waiting for the coupon code to be emailed out. My daughter decided that she wanted to buy it right then and there so her sticky little baby fingers swiped right through to checkout! Needless to say, this pattern was purchased WITHOUT the benefit of the Sew My Style coupon. So the incentive for sewing was getting my FULL money’s worth after that ordeal lol

The next thing on my list was to find a fabric I wanted to use. I was thinking of using the rayon that I ended up using for this top but I decided that I wanted something more large scale. I wandered through Joann’s and found this beautiful stretch chiffon which made my heart sing! I went to the cutting table and the woman told me it would only cost $12 to get three yards of this beautiful print. I squealed! It was such a win. I knew that it would not sit in my stash hoarded. I was gonna use it right away!

I was able to print and tape the pattern pretty easily. It did take some time to do because of the length of some pieces and such but not the worst. The worst part was cutting out this slippery fabric! I was so very frustrated with how long it was taking to cut every piece out on a single layer. I ended up splitting cutting into a few different days. The pattern came together in about 4 hours of sewing time, however. It could’ve been quicker had I did some test stitching just to get my settings right on my sewing machine. I fiddled and seam ripped a few times during the construction of this garment more than I probably should have. BUT! I’m such a hurried sewist. I just wanna blaze through all the projects but I’m learning to take my time with certain things more and more. I would be more proud of this dress if it included less puckering but that is certainly not stopping me from wearing it out. I am currently wearing this dress to church and it was just the right amount of breezy but covered up to not freeze indoors.

I cut the size 6 and altered the pattern for my height. I added 3 inches overall, split between the bodice and skirt evenly. I prefer where the dress falls with the addition a lot more. Although this dress does make me feel like a twig, I appreciate how the waistband gives me a little more shaping and the detail with this fabric is quite nice. The faux wrap seems a little oversized even though I used the A/B cups. I don’t have a small or large bust but the snap that is listed as optional in this pattern really shouldn’t be because you’re destined to flash someone without it. ASK ME HOW I KNOW! lol I am wearing a cami underneath to maintain my modesty. This could be a result of lengthening the bodice but I will be adding a little sew-on snap when they come in the mail. I ordered a ton after this dress was already sewn up.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the pattern is pretty straight forward and the directions are really thorough and clear. I enjoyed this make and would recommend this pattern. I would also recommend adding the optional snap at the bust because I do regret not doing that.

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