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Ellie and Mac Kids Cold Shoulder Tunic

Yes… this is another pattern review about Ellie and Mac! They have really inexpensive patterns and on top of that they are always well drafted and written in my experience! That’s why I have so many and why I test new patterns for them! (I’ve got a rather exciting year I’m a part of right now and… I can’t wait to share!

Anywho! We’re talking about the Cold Shoulder Tunic today! Now, this pattern has a 2T as the smallest size which is definitely too big for Nala. She’s wearing a size 12 month and it’s a nice roomy fit at that! I was considering grading the sizing down for her but in the end decided that there was more wealth in making this for her clothing stash for later.

I sewed up the 2T and it came to get extremely quick because the base of this pattern is a standard t shirt. The detail that make it different are the option ruffle (which for Nala, I’ll always opt to do) and the cold shoulder detail. I whipped everything together pretty standard but the arm binding where the cold shoulder is not my best work.

Getting pictures of little one is always a blur! They do make for pretty funny captures sometimes!

I am using a 100% cotton knit from the Doodles line from Joann’s as the base of my shirt with some athletic knit for the binding. I thought that using the athletic knit would help with the recovery the Doodles fabric lacks. However! I was wrong! After seaming the sleeves to the bodice, the fabric had stretched out pretty miserably so it was a shuffle and tug game at the machine to get the binding on with any chance of evenness. In the end, I did have some tucks where I couldn’t make the binding even and I’m ok with that. I should’ve used something that has some Lycra content… since that is what’s recommended! So lesson possibly learned there haha! But I figure that this is a wearable muslin for Nala. I can use this one to adjust fit, if need be when she can actually fit a 2T.

The fabric choice was my mistake but I love Nala’s little shoulders out. It makes me so happy for some reason! I may do the grading just so she can wear some now but we’ll see how I get on with all the other sewing I’m gonna be doing for her this month!

I believe the next blog post will be about my plans for sewing in July and how I’m getting along with transforming my sewing area.

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