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Sew My Style July 2019: Dawn Shorts

This is my second time making the Megan Neilsen Dawn jeans. My first wearable muslin pair are so freaking cute and I really need to go back and just perfect some finishing details. I wanted to make a new pair of shorts because one of my old RTW jean shorts had been ruined just a couple days before. Sad story but the ending was these super cute white linen pair! I can’t believe how much I love these.

Of course. With any white clothing! There’s always a smudge when you want to take pictures.

Being a mom now, I thought I would lose all the things I love about fashion but this is a style I wore before Nala and I still love for my new mom bod (lol) and my style. I find that I like the style of Megan Nielsen’s pattern. It’s more youthful and current lines.

Pocket details

This linen is from Joann’s. It’s actually a Rayon/Linen blend and I’m sure it’s not bottomweight but I just lined it in a white broadcloth to makes these way more wearable. I’ve used this kind of linen from Joann’s before and I just love the feel of these blends! The drape and weight is so dreamy. I was thinking of a mustard pair but white is so classic and a nice neutral bottom for my closet.

Ugh. A butt smudge.

I had debated whether I wanted to make the wide leg jeans or the the shorts, which is just a difference of the inseam length. I decided on the shorts and am seriously deciding how and when I can make the pants version! I swear that Megan Nielsen is using my body for her block when I’m not looking lol I have a couple of her patterns that I’m hoarding so It’s probably time to cut into them. I’ve made the Cottesloe swimsuit as a muslin and the fit was really good there too.

I really like her instruction booklets as well. This one is particular was well laid out and explained. Since I had made these before I was fairly quick about this pair and only referred to the booklet every now and again. I do wish that she had batched the top stitching and such a little closer but for someone making these over a few days would appreciate how the steps are separated.

I had difficulty with the waistband this go around becuase I didn’t lengthen it and there was no way it would fit. I had to recut and reinterface (UGH!) the waistband pieces but definitely worth the annoyance to get it right. I should definitely find a way to make more convienient method of recording my notes for patterns…. Maybe just writing on the pattern piece.

I was cheeky and used a 6mm twin needle for my top stitching with regular weight Güterman thread. It was a huge time saver and I’m going to miss it if I decided to make a more traditional pair of jeans again lol Is that cheating? Because I used regular weight thread I didn’t had any issues with tension and such either.

I love these though! I knew we’d head up to Rocky Mountain National Park on reveal day so I think I’ll have to go to Estes every reveal day now! Lol It’s only an hour away so it’s not the most impossible idea. Bryan might start to suspect me. On a side note, we had some really delicious pizza at a local place in Estes Park. It was a super yummy way to end our escapades today.

Overall, still obsessed with Megan Nielsen patterns and can’t wait make more.